Psalm 144:4 Man is like a breath; his days are like a fleeting shadow.

Postmodernism isn’t new!

Paul (Saul) was the first post-modern preacher, nearly 2000 years ago!

How does that work?

In Acts 13:16-43, Paul speaks to the people gathered at the Jewish meeting place (synagogue), explaining the message of Christ and the news from God using their culture and their understanding – working his way through the prophets and major events of the Israelite people to the contemporary times using scripture and prophecy.
Then in Acts 14:8-18, Paul speaks to the gentiles, running out among them and explaining the God message to them using their own culture and understanding by highlighting their experience, and pointing them in the right direction, away from the wrong way they were facing.

So, Paul, to the Jews, spoke their language of tradition, prophecy and scripture and to the ‘gentiles’, spoke their language of experience, where they had no scripture or tradition to draw on.

The usefulness of that to us is to remember that:
Firstly, postmodernism is nothing new, so not to get too carried away by this ‘new thinking’.
Secondly, to emulate Paul by speaking into people’s understanding and culture, adapting the presentation and medium of the message of Jesus depending on the audience.
Thirdly, to engage people in a way that is relevant to them to share the story of God and his plan, not try to force the message across in language, presentation and tradition-fuelled jargon that makes no sense to the listener.

We aren’t running an exclusive club, we’re sharing the most inclusive message ever spoken by anyone. Lets remember to include people in the way we interact, not put them off by making it only accessible by those ‘in -the-know’.

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