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Message & Media (Part 1) – Introduction

This year at the Old Trafford Fellowship Weekend, I’m leading a workshop called “Message and Media”.

Here’s the workshop description.

We are constantly surrounded and influenced by various types of media yet too often in our churches we can live as if some of these media forms don’t exist.
What would happen if we began to utilise them and harness their inherent power for the glory of God?
This workshop will explore and expose how different types of media (including data projection / display screen media, mobile phones, social networking, emerging technology and non-electronic media) affect us and our interactions with other people, and how we might use them in our worship and our outreach.
Please come willing to do plenty of work yourself!

With the web and ‘blogging’ being forms of media themselves, I thought it would be a good idea to embrace this ‘new technology’ in getting the ball rolling before anyone even turns up for the workshop session.

This next series of posts is aimed at providing some pre-workshop reading for everyone that is booked on to the workshop, a kind of catchup to cover ground that we can’t cover in 1.5 hours on the day, to get you as close as possible up-to-speed on what I have studied and the ideas I’ve come across or come up with over the last two years.

There is a lot of stuff to look at and I think if we can establish some basic understanding, the tools to analyse media and some general ideas and observations before the actual day of the workshop, it will make the hour and a half we have on the day more fruitful, more enjoyable and we should be able to have a much more diverse and sharing time rather than me trying to put a vast a mount of material in your direction for you absorb in a very short time.

I’m not sure just yet how it is going to pan out, exactly what topics I am going to cover and in what order within this series, but this week I’ll be putting a plan together and getting some structure in place to make it a bit more organised and logical / methodical.

It is now only four weeks until the fellowship weekend and I would really strongly encourage anyone that is planning to be at the workshop to read this series, to stick with it and to get involved by commenting below. It’s going to work a lot better if we all dialogue and share ideas than just me outputting to a ‘silent void’.

If you aren’t going to be at the workshop, or the weekend and have no real interest in this topic, then feel free to tag along too if you like and throw in any observations or ideas of your own. All input is welcome, indeed as much input as possible from the rest of you all is encouraged.

5 responses to “Message & Media (Part 1) – Introduction

  1. Tim Webborn 18/04/2011 at 21:44

    Feel much better now that you don’t expect us to have read and digested everything over the last 2 years!!!

    See you next weekend – hope your football will have improved by then!


    • Alex Green 18/04/2011 at 21:55

      Yeah that would have been unreasonable!

      Hopefully you will find a little time to read some of this current series and maybe even thrown in some ideas of your own.

      I’ll have you know I scored 5 tonight! 😉

      See you on the 30th!


  2. Andy Gill 29/04/2011 at 11:25


    Thanks for this. Looking forward to meeting up tomorrow and sharing ideas, God willing.


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