Psalm 144:4 Man is like a breath; his days are like a fleeting shadow.

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Our neighbours (from one side) are moving.

We’re very sad because they have been the most wonderful neighbours that we could have ever imagined. They are (were) both chaplains at the university and that in itself led to lots of great deep spiritual and philosophical discussions. They are considerate, kind, generous, patient, quiet, friendly, loving and caring to name but a few of their qualities.
Also, they have a daughter the same age as our daughter, and they go to school together and really love each other and get along incredibly well.

We’re really going to miss them.

Last week we had takeout from Yakisoba together and shared a wonderful evening (without the kids interrupting) and wondered why we hadn’t made more effort to do that before. Why is it that when you know time is limited you make more of an effort to do special things together and spend quality, quantity time together?

But then we would never have expected just how lovely our neighbours would be and we couldn’t have anticipated they would be as great as our previous neighbours who were quiet and kind and friendly and generally lovely.

So, whilst we love our neighbours dearly and we will miss them a lot, for their company, for shared faith, for shared tastes (in beer, food, activities etc…) we release them to their new work for God where they are moving to. We pray that God will continue to work powerfully through them that they can be a blessing to their new neighbours as much as they have been to us. That they will be a blessing to their new churches in their new jobs and that God’s spirit will continue to move in all our lives to His greater glory.

Nathan & Claire, Mahalia & Elise, we’ll miss you, we’ll pray for you, we’ll not forget just how great it has been to have you as next-door neighbours.

God bless your continued journey.

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