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Message & Media (part 2) – Questions

It’s probably a good place to start by asking if there is anything pressing you want to look at in the workshop?

My plan is to cover the following, some to a greater degree than others:

  • Print media (books, leaflets, posters etc.)
  • Display Screen Projection
  • Mobile phones
  • Social Networking media (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc.)
  • Video media (YouTube / Vimeo etc.)
  • Web media (Blogs, websites etc.)

If you have a burning desire to go into some of these at greater depth, or if you have a particular media that you want to cover that isn’t listed or a part of one of the above that you want to expand, please put it in the comments below.

I’ll try to tailor the workshop to cover the stuff you are most interested in in greatest depth but also try to open our eyes to other media types and their effects on us.

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